About us

The Krhome Real Estate brand was created by Carla Colaluca in 2010. After a period as a freelancer, in 2015 Carla transformed her experience into a company. We operate in the luxury residential sector with a tailor-made service for every client who wants to find a cozy, elegant property and a good opportunity for the future. We operate in the field of real estate investment, both rental and development. We take care of the development of national and international chains offering a service of advice and operative assistance for the rent and acquisition of spaces or commercial activities. We also provide advice and support in all phases of this delicate and innovative process, for example:

  • Property search
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Management, legal and administrative consultancy
  • Marketing


Our people

We select the best professionals who know how to work in a team.

Our reputation

Our reputation, both personal and professional, is a constant commitment.


Honesty and transparency are essential values for all of us.


Seeking the highest quality in all our actions represents our passion and commitment every day.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Our ambition is to constantly face new challenges by expanding our knowledge and experience in a creative and rigorous way.