Our Mission


To offer our clients the best professional, quality and transparent solutions to both companies and investors, offering a service that best suits the needs of each client, aligning their interests with the best market conditions. 


Our Philosophy


Customer satisfaction is our priority.  Providing timely and transparent advice throughout the entire investment process. We strive to satisfy the interests of our clients by providing the appropriate expertise and knowledge to implement and act effectively according to strategies that are consistent with the defined values and objectives. We encourage good teamwork aimed at excellency and maximum aspiration in order to ensure a quality service.




  • Asset research and acquisition.
  • Feasibility analysis.
  • Legal and administrative consultancy.
  • Marketing.
  • Market analysis.
  • Determination of catchment areas.
  • Definition of development strategy
  • Development area analysis.
  • Economic and financial feasibility study.
  • Design feasibility study.
  • Operational marketing.
  • Tenants Research and Identification
  • Drafting of Contracts
  • Any disposals.
  • Analysis of commercial regulations.
  • Analysis of building regulations.
  • Support for technical verification of the location.
  • Consulting for design aspects.
  • Consultancy for presentation of practices (construction, firefighters, uses, superintendence, etc..).
  • Consultancy for construction aspects for point of sale. 



Krhome Real Estate

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